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Penny Marshall's cause of death revealed

Penny Marshall’s cause of death has reportedly been revealed a little less than two weeks after her death.

According to TMZ, which reportedly obtained a copy of the director and former “Laverne and Shirley” star’s death certificate from the L.A. County Coroner’s Office, a combination of heart failure and complications due to diabetes were at play in what ultimately led to her death. Cardiovascular disease reportedly played a contributing factor as well.

As previously reported, Marshall was reported dead at age 75 on Dec. 18.

"Our family is heartbroken over the passing of Penny Marshall," the Marshall family told Fox News in a statement.

"Penny was a girl from the Bronx, who came out West, put a cursive 'L' on her sweater and transformed herself into a Hollywood success story," the statement added. "We hope her life continues to inspire others to spend time with family, work hard and make all of their dreams come true."

The New York-born actress rose to fame from her hit 1970s sitcom "Laverne & Shirley." She starred as Laverne DeFazio, the Milwaukee brewery worker, alongside Cindy Williams in the hit ABC comedy show. The series, which aired from 1976 to 1983, was among the biggest hits of its era.

It also gave Marshall her start as a filmmaker. She directed several episodes of "Laverne & Shirley" before making her feature film directorial debut in "Jumpin' Jack Flash," the 1986 comedy starring Whoopi Goldberg. She would go on to helm hits such as "Big" and "A League of Their Own."

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