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Morocco: 7 new suspects to be tried for murder of tourists

The Moroccan Public Prosecutor today referred seven new suspects to trial in the case of the murder of two foreign tourists, bringing the number of people to be tried in the case to 22, including one foreign national.

On 17 December, Rabat announced the discovery of the bodies of two Norwegian and Danish tourists near Toubkal Mountain in the province of Al-Haouz.

A few days ago, the Moroccan prosecutor’s office said in a statement that 15 suspects had been transferred to trial in connection with the deaths of the two tourists.

“Seven [new] persons suspected of having been involved in the killing of the two tourists have been referred for investigation charged with terrorism, including a Swiss citizen of Spanish nationality,” Attorney General Hassan Daki said in a statement.

Prosecutors demanded that they be investigated for “terrorist acts, including the crimes of forming a gang to prepare and commit terrorist acts, deliberately assisting those who commit terrorist acts and training people to join a terrorist organisation.”

Last Monday, Interior Minister Abdulwafi Lafitit, said those involved in the murder were “wolves moving in the shadows”.

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