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Demand: Open Solomon's Pools to the Jews

The US administration recently decided to transfer $ 1.5 million to the Palestinian Authority for the restoration and preservation of Solomon’s Pools north of Bethlehem.

On Tu Bishvat, the Reshit Yerushalayim center will conduct a tour with the IDF's special permission at the Solomon Pools, followed by a symposium at the Begin Heritage Center with the participation of "Amitim Letiyulim" and "Reshit Yerushalayim" on the Solomon Pools and the aqueducts that brought water to the Temple in Jerusalem.

Ahead of the tour, Amit Ararat and Shlomo Kolman, from "Amitim Letiyulim" and "Reshit Yerushalayim" wrote to US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman asking him to condition the funding of the restoration on the access of Jewish visitors to the site, including opening access from Efrat to the pools.

Kolman notes, "It is well known that all of the pools were handed over to the PA in a mistake of mapping, like many mistakes made in the haste of decision-making in the Oslo Accords. Even PA officials in their publications recognize the site as a site built by the Jews of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period."

"To return the pools to our hands is a goal, but in the meantime we have to act in order to make the site accessible to the Jews as well," Coleman added.

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