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Defence Force won't investigate death of Singaporean Aloysius Pang

The military will not hold an internal investigation into the death of a Singaporean soldier who was injured in an accident at Waiouru.

Aloysius Pang was well known in Singapore as an actor but was also a corporal in its army reserves, and was involved in a training exercise last Saturday at the New Zealand Defence Force base.

The 28-year-old was crushed between the gun barrel of a howitzer and the cabin he was in, when the barrel was lowered as he was repairing it.

He died in Waikato Hospital in the early hours of Thursday morning after several operations.

The Defence Force says it does not intend to undertake an internal investigation, but will help facilitate Singapore's inquiries.

WorkSafe is investigating.

The Singaporean training event, Exercise Thunder Warrior, is hosted by New Zealand's military but its own soldiers do not take part.

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