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Christchurch driver allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint More Cool Stuff

A driver who was allegedly being forced at gunpoint to take a stranger to the West Coast raised the alarm by alerting staff at a Christchurch service station.

Police soon tracked down the car and a 29-year-old man was arrested "without incident" at Lake Lyndon.

The alarm was raised by staff at a Christchurch service station at 1.47pm, who told police that a customer said he was being forced to drive to the West Coast by a man with firearms.

After an extensive search, the vehicle was found on SH73 and followed by Christchurch police, before the arrest at Lake Lyndon.

A number of firearms were found in the car.

Police said it was understood the arrested man - who is now being returned to Christchurch for questioning - and the male victim did not know each other.

Police said the investigation was in its very early stages and they were working to understand exactly what occurred.

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