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Ukrainian Parliament erupts in brawl

A session of the Ukrainian Parliament burst into a brawl Thursday after a member was accused of working under the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The brawl began when Opposition Bloc member Nestor Shufrych took down a poster calling oligarch politician Viktor Medvedchuk "Putin's agent."

Medvedchuk is the head of Ukrainian Choice, which is considered pro-Russia.

After Shufrych pulled down the sign, Yuriy Bereza, of the People's Front Party, punched him in the face.

The incident quickly escalated as other members of the People's Front Party jumped in to throw punches at Shufrych while others attempted to intervene.

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have flared recently after Russia rammed a Ukrainian tugboat and seized three vessels as well as 24 sailors on Nov. 25.

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