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Syrian regime, Iranian groups push reinforcements near Idlib de-escalation zone

The Syrian regime forces and Iranian groups have been sending troops around the de-escalation zone near Idlib, north west of Syria.

A spokesman for the National Front for Liberation of the Free Syrian Army, Naji Mustafa told Anadolu news agency that they had observed military movements by the regime forces during the past few days around Idlib.

Mustafa pointed out that the Syrian regime is sending large numbers of militias around Idlib province and on the front lines in Lattakia and Hama villages also included in Idlib de-escalation zone, adding that his Front is prepared to counter any possible attack by the regime.

Mustafa explained that the regime forces had sent about one thousand fighters; most of the “terrorist groups” belonging to Iran.

According to Anadolu, the regime reinforcements came from Qalamoun district, northeast of Damascus.

The Iranian fighters have been accused of violating the Sochi ceasefire agreement signed between Turkey and Russia.

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