A small plane crashed Friday afternoon in a northern residential area of Sao Paulo, killing at least two people and injuring a dozen others.

The airplane, a Cessna C-210, fell on top of a residential area near the Campo de Marte executive airport at about 4 p.m. local time, according to a G1 Globo report.

According to preliminary data, there were two people dead and 12 injured, some with first- and second-degree burns, lieutenant firefighter Andre Elias told G1 Globo.

Seven of the injured were pedestrians hit by objects or plane debris, and five were inside homes that were struck and caught fire.

"Victims were helped while conscious, oriented, as they walked outside the homes. Two bodies were recovered from the airplane," Elias said. The fire not only involved homes but also extended over the asphalt, he said.

At least three residential structures were affected, he added.

The report said about 56 firefighters, using 16 vehicles, arrived to the scene and controlled the fires within 20 minutes.

Airplane crashes in the area have occurred in the past, added Folha de Sao Paulo.

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