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Ripple Whale Alert: 20 million XRP transferred to Bitfinex. For selling?

After being bearish from more than a month, the cryptocurrency market has started to recover from the last three days with major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin rising more than 25% in the last three days. All top 10 altcoins are green colored today with bitcoin cash rising more than 57% in the last 24 hours except for XRP which is still in a 1% loss since yesterday. Ripple is trading around $0.367 according to CoinGecko Chart. Around three hours back 20 million Ripple were transferred to Bitfinex exchange which may be for selling in order to invest in some other digital asset which is in a bullish phase. Here are the details of the transaction:
Around $7.5 million worth of Ripple (20,000,000 XRP) transferred from unknown wallet to Bitfinex:

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