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Otago University Students' Association reveals plans for bar they bought

Students at Otago University have a bit of a reputation when it comes to drinking - and now they have a bar of their own.

Otago University Students' Association (OUSA) has bought Starters Bar on Frederick Street - one of the few remaining bars close to the University campus.

Jason Shroeder, events manager for the association, told Morning Report OUSA wants to give students a home.

"This is the last student bar and we don't think the city can afford to lose it," he said.

"The first year students need to leave their halls of residence by 9pm if they're wanting to go out and party and there really aren't that many options for them, they either end up on the street, a random student flat or they head into The Octagon, which isn't ideal either."

While he wouldn't say how much OUSA paid for the bar, Mr Shroeder said it gets some funding from the university and has quite a large cash reserve held for investments like this.

"We've had really really strong support from the university, police and from the council because there are less bars and less places for students to go in a controlled environment so they are ending up in the streets and in the flats - they're supervised here."

Under OUSA's management, the bar will include entertainment like student parties, quiz nights and gigs - foam parties and the like, the type you can't just throw anywhere.

"Stuff that you can't put in any other bar but a student bar."

OUSA is hoping to have the bar open for orientation.

"It's been a bar for the last 50-odd years ... it's a pretty old bar.

"It's a little bit of a dive bar, we'll put in a bit of TLC and make it a bit more presentable."

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