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More demand for foodbank parcels this year

Foodbanks around the country say demand for food parcels has increased from last year - just as donations are falling.

Craig Stephenson, a trustee of Foodbank New Zealand, said it has been difficult this year to meet the need.

And he is finding it hard to pinpoint exactly why demand is growing.

"Probably due to a multitude of factors people are finding it a struggle to put food on the table at this time of year, it usually just comes down a lot of financial pressure, bills coming in, that kind of thing."

Mr Stephenson said having enough for families over January and when children go back to school can also be a problem, so he is encouraging people to keep donating in the New Year.

Meanwhile, the Christchurch City Mission said it has had record numbers of people come in for food parcels since November.

Earlier this year the Salvation Army's State of the Nation report found that between 2011 and 2016 the organisation was handing out about 56,000 food parcels a year, but that number jumped to 63,000 food parcels in 2017.

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