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Money rains down on Hong Kong neighbourhood, causing frenzy

HONG KONG: It was raining banknotes in Hong Kong's Sham Shui Po district on Saturday afternoon (Dec 15), sending residents into a frenzy.

Videos posted online show hundreds of notes bursting from the top of a building while a cheering crowd rushes to pick them up.

This happened along Fuk Wa Street, and photos show people holding HK$100 (US$13) notes.

In one video on Facebook page Epoch Cryptocurrency, a man dressed in a black hoodie is seen giving a speech, announcing that it was "FCC's big day" and that an important event was about to take place.

"Does anyone here believe that money can fall from the sky?" he asks, before the camera pans up to a building where money started floating down.

A post accompanying the video details a competition in which participants can win a large cash prize. The person who wrote it said he wants to be a "superhero of justice", and that he was "robbing the rich to help the poor".

According to the South China Morning Post, the man behind the video post is believed to be the owner of a Epoch Cryptocurrency, a Facebook post that promotes cryptocurrency. His real name is Wong Ching-kit, although he is known online as Coin Young Master.

He has promoted investment products in media interviews under different names, and owns a company called Coin's Group, the report said, adding that police are trying to locate the person behind the stunt

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