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Microsoft Releases Surprising Update for Office Mobile on Windows 10

Office Mobile apps have no future on Windows 10, as Microsoft has decided to focus all of its efforts on the Android and iOS siblings.

But despite the apps being mostly discontinued, it looks like the software giant doesn’t want to let them go just yet, so a recent quiet update actually brings new features.

This is surprising, to say the least, but as spotted by WBI, Microsoft is now in the process of enabling a new radial color picker for ink users still running Office Mobile apps on their devices.

Oddly enough, this isn’t necessarily a new feature, as it’s been previously spotted earlier this year. However, Microsoft is only now rolling it out to users in Office Mobile apps on Windows 10.

Given it’s only aimed at ink users, it won’t show up unless you use a pen, so it comes in handy specifically on devices like Microsoft’s very own Surface.

"Server-side update"

By the looks of things, there’s no need to install an update from the Microsoft Store, as this is a software-side improvement that Microsoft can enable manually. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the release happens gradually, so some computers may see it faster than others.

Also, it’ll be enabled in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, so as long as you use a pen in these apps, you should be good to go.

Microsoft no longer wants to improve the Windows 10 Office Mobile apps, but instead it continues to develop new features for Android and iOS. This approach certainly makes sense because Android and iOS are the two platforms with a larger number of users, so delivering frequent updates should help them make the most of their documents.

Office Mobile apps are no longer searchable in the Microsoft Store, but you can use these links to download them directly - Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

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