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Macaulay Culkin revisits 'Home Alone' in new Google Assistant ad

Macaulay Culkin revisits his Kevin McCallister character from Home Alone in a new commercial for the Google Assistant.

The ad, released on Wednesday, features Culkin recreating and referencing famous scenes from Home Alone while using the voice-powered Google Assistant.

Google Assistant reminds McCallister that he was scheduled to be home alone, adds aftershave to his shopping list and helps prepare his house against bandits by arming a security system and making it look like a party is going on, similar to what he did in Home Alone.

The commercial also references McCallister jumping on his parents bed, using an old mafia film to order pizza and the film's creepy basement furnace.

Culkin appeared as a child in 1990 in Home Alone, followed by its 1992 sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Culkin recently said on The Tonight Show that he would indulge new partners by watching the original film.

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