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Lobby group voices concern for motorists on SH2 over holidays

The Fix Our Bloody Road group wants a four-lane

highway between Tauranga and Omokoroa, and safety improvements on the rest of the road to Katikati. Between 2010 and 2017 there have been 20 fatalities.

Its spokesperson, Andrew Hollis, said improvements were being promised, but no-one knew what they would be, or when they would happen.

In the meantime, people were likely to die on the highway this holiday season, he said.

"Hopefully we can expect roadworks and keep the traffic nice and slow but the reality is we'd expect a number of serious incidents over the next two months," Mr Hollis said.

"That's the likely result, is at least two to maybe even four deaths and goodness knows how many serious incidents, that's what we're going to head into."

Mr Hollis said the group would not give up the fight.

In September, people supporting the group blocked SH2 north of Tauranga demanding urgent action to improve the road between the city and Katikati.

About 300 people turned out to the protest to voice their frustration at delays in getting something done.

The Transport Agency said SH2, Waihi to Tauranga was one of 12 nationwide projects still under review and re-evaluation.

The Transport Agency said the review of plans for SH2 was expected within four months and in the meantime the first section of work on a number of safety improvements between Waihi and Omokoroa will begin shortly.

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