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John Cena to make WWE return on New Year's Day

John Cena is set to return to WWE programming on the New Year's Day episode of Smackdown.

WWE made the announcement Tuesday after chairman and CEO Vince McMahon -- while dressed as Santa Claus -- mentioned on Raw Monday that Cena would be returning soon to the company.

Cena is also expected to make an appearance on Raw in the coming weeks.

Cena has appeared sporadically on WWE programming in recent months and was last seen teaming up with Bobby Lashley to take on Kevin Owens and Elias at the Super Show-Down event in Australia.

The 16-time World Champion showcased his new finishing move at the event, The Lightning Fist. The move involves Cena crossing his arms before delivering a sudden punch to the face.

Cena be seen in the new Transformers film titled Bumblebee, opposite Hailee Steinfeld.

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