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iPhone XR Tops iPhone Sales Since Launch, Says Apple

Apple’s 2018 iPhones not selling exactly as good as anticipated is no longer news, but the Cupertino-based tech giant wants to play down all the reports with a statement that although puts the iPhone XR in a good light, doesn’t actually mean anything for overall sales.

Basically, Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of product marketing, told Reuters in a super-short statement that the iPhone XR has “been the best-selling iPhone each and every day that it’s been on sale since it became available.”

What this means is that the iPhone XR sold better than both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, but also than older models like iPhone 8.

And yet, this is by no means an indication that Apple’s 2018 iPhone generation is selling like hot cakes. On the contrary, it shows that Apple prefers to stick with vague statements at a time when all reports seem to indicate to lackluster sales performance for the company’s new devices.

"Huge price everywhere"

One of the reasons the new iPhones aren’t selling in high numbers is their price. iPhone XR, which Apple says tops iPhone sales right now, is available in the United States starting at $749, and the more storage you add, the higher the price goes. iPhone XS starts at $999, while the iPhone XS Max tops at $1,449.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Apple offers price cuts to at least one Japanese carrier for the iPhone XR in an attempt to increase sales of the device in the country. Furthermore, the company has been looking into several other methods to increase sales worldwide, and it has even considered bringing back the iPhone X to the market at a lower price.

iPhone X, originally launched in September 2017, was retired a year later when the 2018 generation was announced.

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