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International conference in Riyadh to highlight current trends in education sector, labor market

RIYADH: The International Conference on Education Evaluation 2018 (ICEE) is set to begin on Tuesday.
The three-day event, to be held under the patronage of King Salman and organized by the Education Evaluation Commission, will highlight the current trends in the education sector.
Prince Faisal bin Abdullah Al-Mashari, the chairman of the education commission and head of the supreme supervisory committee of the conference held a press conference on Saturday at the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education in Riyadh to explain the aims and objectives of the event.
He said the theme of the conference titled “Future skills — development and assessment” is very relevant and the aim of the event is to educate people about the skills and qualifications highly in demand in today’s labor market.
He said the Education Evaluation Commission is committed to developing the Kingdom’s education sector along modern lines and to upgrade the Saudi human resources to suit the fast-changing needs of the future.
Prince Faisal said the conference is open to all local and international educational, training and employment institutions.
The education commission chief encouraged specialists from different areas of the education sector and the labor market to take part in the event and make contributions in their areas of expertise.
“Sixty specialists will participate in this event and participants will get the chance to attend 37 scientific sessions and 21 training workshops,” he said.
The main objective of the conference is to highlight important skills in demand, he said adding that it will help assess future requirements of the labor market and help the participants add value to their existing skills and achieve professional success.
“The conference also aims to discuss successful experiences in addition to stimulating educational and training institutions and employers to adopt programs for the development of human capital and help achieve the goals of Vision 2030,” he added.
Prince Faisal said the conference would help define the general framework of future skills and how to train youngsters to achieve those skills.
Assessment of those skills at the national and individual levels will also be part of the discussion at the conference, he said.
“The conference will also focus on how to address these skills in the labor market, in addition to presenting examples of successful local and international practices in the field of skills development.”
The event also aims to identify the challenges facing the education sector and ways to overcome those problems effectively.
He expressed hope that the event will help boost the interest of learners and teachers to acquire new skills.
The event will take place at Riyadh’s Four Seasons Hotel.

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