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‘Hot sauce in my bag, swag:’ Beyoncé é flaunts Lebanese chili-themed bag

DUBAI: “I got hot sauce in my bag, swag.”
It’s a lyrical line made famous in Beyoncé’s 2016 hit “Formation,” but now the superstar singer has taken to Instagram to take things one step further by showing off a chili pepper-themed bag by an up-and-coming Lebanese designer.
Beyoncé posted a photograph of herself on Instagram while she was in Johannesburg, South Africa, to perform at the Global Citizen Festival celebrating what would have been the 100th birthday of late international icon Nelson Mandela.
In the snap, she wears a boxy clutch by small Lebanese brand Sarah’s Bag and a pair of rounded Elie Saab sunglasses.

The Chili Marquetry clutch by Sarah’s Bag, which is helmed by creative director Sarah Beydoun, is from the brand’s Love Inked Collection and features a red-to-yellow ombre of spicy shades in a mixture of traditional patterns.
The bag was made using a centuries-old Levantine technique called wood marquetry, according to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, in which small blocks of wood are aligned to create tessellated pattern work. The vibrant clutch is topped with a golden pepper clasp, making it a truly fiery fashion statement.
According to the brand, each of the bags is made by underprivileged women in Lebanon, including prisoners, ex-prisoners and women who are struggling financially.
“We are so happy to have our bag worn by an empowering, incredibly gifted artist like @beyonce, who is a once-in-a-generation talent. Beyoncé is one of our heroes and her mission mirrors ours: She wants to empower women and seeks to have a positive impact on the world through her art,” the brand captioned a re-posted version of the image on their Instagram page.
The sizzling handbag wasn’t the only Lebanese-designed accessory Queen Bey wore that day, however. The sunglasses she is seen wearing in the snap hail from Elie Saab’s eyewear collection and the brand was quick to pick up on the singer’s nod of approval.
“The incomparable @beyonce in Elie Saab eyewear while in South Africa,” the fashion house posted on Instagram.

The rounded shades feature pearl-like detailing on the rim of the lenses and match perfectly with Beyoncé’s layered necklaces.

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