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Hamilton homes evacuated after flash flooding

Ten homes have been evacuated in Hamilton after a short, very heavy, downpour caused flash flooding.

The flood happened at about 2.30pm on Whatawhata Road in Dinsdale, Fire and Emergency said.

The drains were blocked and couldn't cope with the sudden heavy rain, the shift manager Scott Osmond said, but he added that no amount of drain maintenance would have stopped the flooding.

"The fact that the rainfall was so localised and so heavy, was what made it worse."

The knee-deep water will damage some properties and crew are onsite helping to clear it up.

The water is now slowly subsiding but the evacuated resident's likely won't be able to return home until tomorrow, Mr Osmond said.

"Civil Defence are also on the scene and they're going to make sure these people are safe and cared for."

No one was injured.

MetService is forecasting more rain in the Hamilton area, from about 6pm this evening.

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