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Arrest made in Christchurch car racing saga

A person tried to escape custody after being arrested for car racing in Christchurch last night.

Racers descended on the city's streets for the third consecutive night, to perform skids and laps as part of an event called Aves Invasion.

Police gave out 177 traffic infringement traffic notices on Friday and Saturday night and made their first arrest last night.

On Friday night bottles were thrown at police officers and last night false calls were made to emergency services to divert their attention from the boy racer activities.

Canterbury Metro Commander Superintendent Lane Todd said a man was charged with failing to stop for police, dangerous driving and escaping custody.

His car has been impounded.

Car racers were heard driving around the city from 10pm last night until about 5am this morning.

Mr Todd said boy racer activities have flared up and previously good relationships between the drivers and the police have deteriorated.

"Police are very disappointed with their actions and the fact that they are showing total disregard to the safety and peace of our communities."

Mr Todd said it is causing the deterioration of the good relationships built between the drivers and authorities in recent months.

A specialist squad has been working to crack down on boy racer activity while Christchurch City Council has rolled out a special light-phasing initiative on Bealey Ave last month, to give traffic a clear run down the street and reduce boy racer disruption.

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