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Actress Nkechi Blessing Flees As Police Tries To Arrest Her

Actress Nkechi Blessing yesterday took to her instagram page to raise the alarm that some men of the Nigerian police force were after her. She wrote:

“Who ever sent Police officers to my house better tell dem to hurry down to the airport 🤣🤣 Cus in anoda two hours I don Japa🤷🏻‍♀️ Dunno what business I have with police in dis life that I am managing 🙄..Is that the best you can do?”

She further wrote on her Insta story while showing her location to be Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

“So una send police come my house, Like seriously? Okay!

“I don’t deal with local people, Abeg where I from sabi person for Abesan

“You want to know who I know in Nigeria abi? Una police dey learn and I pity dem because they must loose did job”.
It is believed that fellow actress and rival, Seyi Edun filed a police report against her.

Seyi Edun reported her for cyber bullying. The police secured a warrant of arrest but Nkechi fled and taunted them to rush to the airport.

This comes weeks after Nkechi Blessing slammed Seyi and her actor fiancée, Adeniyi Johnson while defending her friend and fellow actress, Toyin Abraham.

She wrote on her Instastories then:
”Before you call me a bitch, I accept the title and I am sorry I don’t do one-minute men”.

Nkechi had slammed Adeniyi’s actress fiancée, Seyi Edun stating that they are both ‘suffering and smiling in their relationship’.

According to her, Seyi Edun has been subjected to domestic abuse by her boyfriend Adeniyi Johnson countless times.

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