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2019: Junaid Mohammed steps down as Donald Duke’s running mate, gives reasons

A Second Republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed, has stepped down as the running mate to the presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party, Mr. Donald Duke.

He has also resigned as the deputy national chairman of the SDP.

In an interview with DAILY POST, Mohammed said he stepped down because of the party’s inability to stick to its ideology.

He said, “yes, I have I stepped down as the running mate of SDP Presidential candidate and I also resigned as the National Vice Chairman of the SDP.

“If you recall the SDP came about with a merger of four parties and the four parties were selected very carefully and the shortlisting of the parties were based purely on ideological grounds and those who believed ideology was irrelevant were not invited.

”Those of us who invited ourselves believed that the party was going to be ideologically anchored and made to be ideologically relevant and they were going to respect our views on the basis of the ideology we expected to be the guiding views of the party.”

On his next line of action, Mohammed said, ”The party has not been a dominant part of my political life, I have been in politics for nearly forty years so it’s not a big deal as far as I’m concerned. I have other things to do and I have never asked to be made the Vice presidential candidate of the party, it was imposed on me.

”Also, I did not attend the convention that saw Donald Duke as the party’s Presidential candidate.

“After he was selected, he begged me to be his running mate, something I never wanted to do. He had to ask some people and party members who begged me to do this for the sake of the party, so you can see I had no personal ambition to be anything on the platform of the party.

”I’m a loyal party member first and still a member of the party and if given any responsibility, I will discharge it,” he added.

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