Adopting and sponsoring orphans is a recommended act by all religions and laws. Orphans, who lost their parents for one reason or another, are weak creatures whom need attention, care and constant protection because they are unable to take care of themselves. Orphans need food and cloths; they need to be fairly raised up and should be taught the priorities of life. They need to be spiritually filled with love and tenderness in order to become straight persons and effective elements in society .

Adoption is not a novel act. Throughout history, adopting children is considered to be a benevolent act for many cultures and societies. There are a lot of touching stories of children being adopted or sponsored by good people who raised them up to be persons of value in their community .

However, not all adoption stories are successful, unfortunately, there exist many tragic stories. Not everybody is necessarily competent to carry out this vital task and there are many adoption stories ended with true disasters. This is exactly what happened to the Russian kid Dmitry Yakovlev, who was adopted by an American family and who, sadly, died three months later of maltreatment. On this basis, the Russian parliament (Dima) issued a law on 2012 to forbid adopting Russian kids in America . .

This article tells a story of adoption with a disastrous end. Unlike the previous story, the victim wasn’t the adopted child, it was the adopting family !

“The Orphan” movie produced in 2009 is considered a psychological thriller. Though, got an average evaluation by the reviewers, the audience loved it and it achieved good records at the box office

In short, the movie is about the couple Kate and John Coleman who are facing problems because of the wife’s recent abortion. So, they decide to adopt an orphan and both choose a 9-years-old Russian girl named Esther. Her past is somehow mysterious and there is not much information about her, but she looked a nice and a helpless girl. She won the sympathy of the couple and their deaf daughter Max, while their son Daniel seemed less welcoming. It didn’t take so long for Kate to start doubting Esther; her actions didn’t seem to match her age. This leads Kate to search for Esther’s past. What she finds out next was shocking and terrifying! The girl who’s supposed to be 9 years-old, was a 33 years-old woman called Leena Klammer. She was born with a hormone disorder called Hypopituitarism that stunted her physical growth, in addition to mental problems that made her spend most of her life posing as a little girl so people adopt her with a goal of seducing the father of the family. In fact, she is a dangerous murder; she has murdered at least 7 people. The previous family she was adopted by was murdered because the father refused to have a sexual relationship with her .

Esther got crazier after being spurned by John, so she decides to kill the whole family. Will she succeed in doing so? This is what you will figure out dear readers after watching the movie .

Is it a true story ?

Many of those who saw the movie were frightened by the idea of the adult woman who embraced the role of a little child especially when this woman is a sadistic murderer .

“What if my classmate is a murderer and pretends to be a little girl?” asked a scared little girl after seeing the movie with her mother. Her mother laughed and replied:” Don’t be scared my dear…it’s a work of fiction, it is impossible for a 33 years-old woman to pretend being a girl without being exposed !”

But is it true? Is it really impossible for a woman to pretend being a little girl and deceive others? Let’s figure out the answer in the following story .

The real Esther

In 2007, a couple from the Czech Brno city had set a CCTV camera in their little son’s room to watch him through the night. While testing the camera they waited to see their son peacefully sleeping, but instead they saw a naked little child cooped up in an iron cage in a dark basement! The child was in a terrible state, as if was severely tortured. The wife was able to recognize him; he was the 8 years-old Ondrej the son of their neighbor Klara Mauerova .

What brought Ondrej’s picture to this couples’ TV?! Apparently, the camera transmission has mistakenly connected with Klara’s in the basement .

The couple reported the authorities right the way. After the Police Special Forces has arrived, they immediately broke in to Klara Mauerova’s house and headed directly to the basement. They found one of most terrible scenes ever! Two naked little boys cooped up inside iron cages, they were exhausted and bleeding. Bruises and injuries were all over their little bodies. There was also a little girl lying down on the floor next to the cages, she wasn’t naked or tortured but she was crying of horror and calling for help. The police confronted the little girl and told her she is safe .

The two boys are the 10 years-old Jakub and his brother Ondrej, Klara Mauerova’s sons, while the little girl is Anička - 12 years old - and she is adopted by Klara .

The kids were transported to the hospital while Klara Mauerova and her sister Katerina, who was living with her, were both arrested .

Police investigations and the kids’ statements revealed terrible facts that shocked the whole nation. The kids were daily and very badly tortured and for about a year by their mother, aunt and other members of a secret movement called “the Grail Messages ”.

For better clarification of what happened, we should first shed some light on Klara Mauerova. So who is she ?!

She was born in the Czech Republic in 1975. Since she was a kid, she was obsessed with the idea that God has chosen her to accomplish great tasks; her sister Katrena as well had the same obsession. Few years later, Klara got married and had two kids and according to those who knew her, she was a loving and a caring mom. However, things have changed when she decided to go to university, where she met her classmate Barbora Skrlova. The latter was a weird girl with a criminal history and has already been into many mental institutions. Additionally, she was the daughter of the former leader of “the Grail Movement” which he has left to create another one called “The ants” that was mainly based on freaky and cranky beliefs .

Barbora told Klara about her father’s movement and she was able to make her join since she was already obsessed with this odd idea of being chosen by God to do great things. It didn't take so long for Katrena to join as well .

Klara has completely changed , her husband couldn’t stand the way she was , so he decided to leave the house. After he was gone, Katrena and Barbora moved in to live with her. Barbora had strong influence on the sisters’ behavior; they both started applying the movement’s crazy and bizarre beliefs. Unfortunately, the first victims of these ideas were Klara’s kids Jacub and Ondrej, they were imprisoned naked in an iron cage in the basement. They were not allowed to go to the toilet, so they peed inside the cage, they were left to starve and were savagely beaten and tortured the way Barbora decides. The latter used to burn them with the cigarette and sometimes invites other members to torture them as well. The torture included electrical shocks, sexual harassment, water-boarding and whipping .

Their craziness has gone so far and they were so eager for more, so Barbora came out with a hair-raising idea. They fed the kids very well until they got fleshy and chubby, then Katrena and Barbora brought Ondrej and fixed him to the table while his mother flayed his skin off his leg with a sharp knife. She cut a slice of flesh and served it in a plate and all of them started to eat, they were eating in cold blood and making laugh of the poor kid’s crying. Two months later, they did the same to Jakub, this time Klara flayed a slice of his hand and forced him to eat with them .

The kids’ misery lasted for several months and they were definitely heading to death if not the neighbors’ camera transmission mistakenly connected with theirs down in the basement. This was the end of Klara and her sister’s insanity

Here is the surprise dear reader! Do you remember the little girl the police found in the basement with the kids? The little scared girl who claimed to be adopted by Klara! That little girl was in fact Barbora Skrlova! The shrewd criminal acted as a little girl for her whole life and no one could notice that she was a woman because she has a rare physical condition caused a slow physical growth. Over years, Barbora committed many crimes but she always gets away with it. She used to act as the innocent victim little girl whenever the police breaks in to the crime scene. She was either freed to go or directed to youth detention center, but she escapes eventually .

The adopted Anička is in fact Barbora Skrlova, she is an adult woman embodies the role of a little girl because of her body size .

During the two years that Barbora spent at Klara’s house, she used to act as a girl in front of others. Klara herself told everybody that Barbora is her adopted daughter

When Barbora sensed the police surrounding the house, she went to the basement and lied down on the floor and pretended to be a victim. The police had no doubt that Barbora was a woman; she was scared and shocked in front of the police. Her acting was so convincing that she was rescued and transferred to a children care center, but it didn’t take so long for her to escape and completely disappear .

As for the crazy mother Klara and her sister Katerina, they were both submitted to trail. The judge kept asking for the reason of their terrible actions, but they refused to give any reason. According to one member of the movement, the reason behind torturing the kids was to break their will and make them more obedient and committed to the religious instructions and follow the movement’s life-style, which is not a convincing reason at all .

Eventually, Klara Mauerova was sentenced to 9 years, her sister to 10 years and other members of the movement (two women and one man) were sentenced 5 to 7 years .

What about Barbora? Haven’t they found her yet ?

After she escaped from social care center, she traveled to Norway and there embodied again the role a little kid. This time she cut her hair and pretended to be a 10 years-old boy named Adam, her acting was so real that she succeeded to enroll in a secondary school for several months under a fake id

However, Barbora’s classmates and teachers started to suspect her weird actions and thoughts. One day and during art class, the teacher noticed Adam (Barbora) drawing a horrific painting. He or she drew seven bleeding, screaming and injured children with numbers from 1 to 7 written above each of them; Adam painted himself as one of them under the number 7 .

This bloody suspicious drawing led the teacher to call the police. The police interrogated Adam and took his fingerprints and they found out that he was the 34 years-old fugitive Barbora Skrlova .

She cut her hair and pretended to be a boy named Adam, but luckily she was caught and brought back to the Czech Republic and was sentenced to 5 years .

Perhaps, the reason of having this short period in prison was the fact that she has mental conditions; the detectives had no doubt that she was tortured by her father when she was young .

However, there still a confusing mystery! Who are the seven children Barbora drew in her painting? Police identified three of them; Jakub, Ondrej and Barbora herself, what about the others? This is what the detectives are trying to figure out, they think there are other victims of this secret movement and they are probably torturing children for money. The police believe that these members belong to criminal groups operating secret trade that is based on the exploitation of children to satisfy sick sexual needs of some wealthy pedophiles. Those pedophiles are ready to pay a lot of money to sexually abuse children, torture them and even kill them. The proof that Klara was one of those sick people is the camera she put in the basement to watch the torture scenes of her kids. In addition to the fact that she had a big house and a big amount of money even though she didn’t work. It is the same for Barbora, she was financially stable and lived in a fine house in Oslo knowing that she was jobless .

It is only now that I knew why many women refuse to reveal their real age; maybe they are serial killers pretending to be little innocent girls! Well, maybe they aren’t serial killers, but are definitely killers of men’s hearts! The point of these stories, I guess, is to not trust what we see; sometimes life has many unexpected surprises. So, my advice to you young fellows is to not exclude the fact that your classmate at school maybe a woman trapped in a young girl’s body and who knows maybe someday she invites you to a birthday party and you end up in a cage

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