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New murder charge for NZ euthanasia advocate

A New Zealander who was convicted of assisting his mother's suicide is now facing two charges of murder in South Africa.

In September Sean Davison was charged with murder after helping a quadriplegic friend die.

On Friday he was charged with another killing of a man suffering from motor neuron disease.

Mr Davison is a professor working at the University of Western Cape in Cape Town and has founded a pro-euthanasia group in South Africa.

According to South African media, Mr Davison is charged with premeditated murder of Justin Varian in July 2015.

He is also charged with the murder of Anrich Burger in November 2013.

In an affidavitt presented in court, Mr Davison said he had committed no offences.

In 2011 Mr Davison was convicted of assisting his mother to die in 2006 and was sentenced to five months home detention.

He's been released on bail of the equivalent of $NZ2000.

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