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Macron: I don’t have information on gas attack in Syria

I have not seen “clear and sufficient evidence” on a gas attack against the Syrian government-controlled areas in the country’s Aleppo city, French President, Emmanuel Macron, said yesterday.

“I would like to ask those who spread these allegations [gas attack] to provide sufficient information on the matter,” Bloomberg quoted Macron as saying during a press conference held in the Belgium capital of Brussels.

Official Syrian media recently reported that 21 pro-regime Syrians had been treated from breathing difficulties following “an opposition gas attack in Aleppo.”

On Saturday, more than 100 people were wounded in regime-held Aleppo in a suspected toxic gas attack, which the Syrian government and its ally, Russia, blamed on dissents. The opposition officials have denied the allegations and said that their forces did not possess chemical weapons.

In response, Russia’s defence ministry said on Sunday that its warplanes stroke the opposition stronghold city of Idlib as well as other opposition-held areas near Aleppo.

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