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Holiday guilt? Sweden’s most popular gift will make it even worse

While Hallmark likes to talk about the comfort, joy, and chestnut-roasting warmth of the holidays, the more honest (okay, cynical) members of society know that the most prevalent feeling around the holidays is guilt.

Guilt for not finding the right presents, guilt for not visiting your parents frequently enough to update their operating systems, guilt for not giving enough to charity, guilt for eating too much pie, guilt for leaving too many leftovers, and so on.

Anyway, get ready to feel more guilt: Each year since 1988, Swedish business data group HUI Research has picked what it thinks will be Sweden’s most popular Christmas gift of the year. The chosen gift, according to Sweden’s edition of The Local, says, “often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.” This year HUI said the most popular gift in Sweden would be “the recycled garment.” So either everyone’s getting North Face jackets made from recycled plastic bottles or, you know, hand-me-downs. And they’re going to love them!

“The recycled garment reflects the Swedish interest for new sustainable alternatives and increasing concerns about climate and environment,” the firm said in a statement. “The recycled garment captures a time where new business models and technological innovations enable a more sustainable consumption.”

Happy Holidays!

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