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Fist fight between bus driver and passenger caused deadly crash in Chongqing

A deadly bus accident in China's Chongqing city last Sunday was caused by a fist fight between the driver and a passenger, said local authorities on Friday (Nov 2).

The bus plunged into a section of the Yangtze River in Wanzhou district, killing all 15 people on board, including the driver.

A video retrieved from the black box of the bus shows a passenger scuffling with the driver just moments before the crash.

Dashcam footage from an oncoming vehicle shows the bus veering off its lane, colliding with a car and smashing through a bridge guardrail before plunging into the river.

According to Wanzhou police, the fight started after a female passenger missed her stop and asked the driver to pull over immediately. He refused, and she went on to hit his head with her mobile phone before they exchanged blows.

The driver then lost control of the bus.

More than 70 rescue boats were deployed to the scene, reported China Daily. The wreck was pulled out of the river on Wednesday night by a floating crane.

Thirteen bodies were reported to have been found. Two are still missing.

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