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Ennahda denounced attempts to ‘ignite conflict’ between it and Tunisian President

The Tunisian Ennahda Movement condemned on Thursday attempts to “ignite conflict” between it and the president of the country, Beji Caid Essebsi, against the background of its position on the ministerial reshuffle.

In a statement that Anadolu got a copy of, Ennahda (68 deputies/217) confirmed that the president’s support for the government “is a basic guarantee for its success and stability.”

It reaffirmed that “respect for the institution of the presidency is a requirement of respect for the state.”

Ennahda movement expressed its appreciation for President Beji’s efforts to defend the national interest and to keep the country away from internal and external crises.

It considered that “the difference in views on the issue of government stability does not indicate a denial of it or an attempt to sever it.”

In its statement, Ennahda stressed the importance of partial ministerial reshuffle to achieve government stability and to focus on tackling the economic, social and security challenges the country is facing.

Ennahda also expressed hope that “this reshuffle (amendment) will have the trust of the parliament and the support of various political parties.”

In this regard, Ennahda clarified that “the support of the President of the Republic for the government, as part of his role as a symbol of the unity of the state and Tunisians, is a basic guarantee for its success and stability.”

On the other hand, Ennahda rejected what it considered “media and propaganda campaigns that some of Nidaa Tounes leaders have and are still adapting to disrupt the positive and fruitful relationship between the two parties.”

Ennahda considered that the relationship between the two parties (Ennahda and Nidaa Tounes) contributed to “improving the political climate in the country during the last four years and established a rational balance between the components of the national political scene which increased the chances of success of the democratic transition.”

On Tuesday, Ennahda movement welcomed the cabinet reshuffle announced by Youssef Chahed and said it would give the new cabinet a vote of confidence in parliament.

Youssef Chahed announced on Monday a cabinet reshuffle that included 13 ministries and 5 state secretaries (having the rank of ministers).

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