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Elon Musk got high, so now NASA is investigating SpaceX

NASA has announced it will conduct safety reviews of both Boeing and SpaceX, after Elon Musk’s antics earlier this year–specifically the time Musk smoked weed and drank whiskey during a podcast interview, reports the Washington Post. Both companies are contracted by NASA to carry astronauts to the International Space Station next year.

NASA spokesman Bob Jacobs said the agency needs to “ensure the companies are meeting NASA’s requirements for workplace safety, including the adherence to a drug-free environment.” Its investigation is expected to be a long one–taking months to complete and is expected to involve interviewing hundreds of SpaceX and Boeing employees. As NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine explained:

“If I see something that’s inappropriate, the key concern to me is what is the culture that led to that inappropriateness and is NASA involved in that. As an agency we’re not just leading ourselves, but our contractors, as well. We need to show the American public that when we put an astronaut on a rocket, they’ll be safe.”

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