A leading gubernatorial contender in the primary election of the All Progressives Congress in Akwa Ibom state, Dr. James John Akpanudoedehe, has finally conceded a defeat to the party’s standard bearer, Mr. Nsima Ekere.

Addressing thousands of supporters, which comprised party leaders drawn from the 31 local governments areas in the state at his residence in Uyo, Udoedeghe said it was expedient to accept defeat in order not to set the party backwards with legal battles.

Udoedeghe said that though, he had been shortchanged in the past yet he had decided to sheath his sword of anger and join hands with the party’s governorship candidate for unity of purpose which is, capturing the hilltop mansion in the 2019 elections in the state.

According to him, “The APC official flag bearer is Nsima Ekere, though, I have swallowed a bitter pill, but the bitter pill is good for my back. It pains me but we have to move forward and support our party.”

Udoedeghe dispelled the rumour that he would carry his teeming supporters to the People’s Democratic Party having lost the APC’s governorship ticket stressing that he had invested so much to build the party in the state and would never back out.

He, however, encouraged his supporters to remain resolute and put more efforts in grassroots mobilizations as they were known for in the state.

Trying to calm the teeming fanatical supporters who were obviously disappointed with his concession, the APC chieftain said, “Please on my part, no matter how difficult it is, try to assimilate yourselves in APC structure. If you are complacent what will be your benefit? It had already happened.

“Based on the interface of the President, we have been mandated to support all the candidates of APC across the nation. Therefore, we have decided to stay and support our party.

“Though, we felt betrayed and abandoned but with the appeal by the Federal government, we need to bottle our grievances, it is better we build our party than going to any other party to build it.

“We are taking over Akwa Ibom in 2019, and we are working towards integration of our members in the local wards.”

He said he wouldn’t want what happened in 2011 to repeat itself were people lost their lives during his fight for justice, reassuring that the families of their deceased members who lost their lives during the primary election would be carried along and duly compensated.

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