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Three faces from Gaza fuelling anger

The actual weight they carried on their shoulders was light, but it weighed heavy on the masses that walked with them to the grave. The Palestinians carried the remains of three children – Khaled, Mohammed and Abdul Hamid – with heavy hearts, aching from the new tragedy inflicted upon them.
The three children went out on 28 October to hunt birds in the eastern part of the besieged Gaza Strip. That evening, they did not return to their homes in the Wadi Al-Salqa area, north of Khan Younis. Instead, their souls soared over the Gaza Strip and their dismembered bodies were taken to the hospital morgues. They had been hit by a carefully-targeted attack by an Israeli system that scans the entire area, chooses its targets and then launches missiles. This is how the Israeli army killed three more children besieged in an open-air prison with two million inmates, mostly refugee children and mothers.

Yet with all its pain, the story of Khaled, Mohammed and Abdel Hamid is common in the Gaza Strip. It is a reminder of the hundreds of painful stories about the suffering of children and infants who were crushed in the blink of an eye by the Israeli attacks on their homes, roads or playgrounds. Each tragedy is justified with endless blame placed on the victims themselves. The world gave attention to only a few of these faces, mostly because the cameras were not there to capture most of the tragedies.

When several children were killed during the heinous bombing of Gaza in the summer of 2014, only four stuck in the minds of the world – the cameras were present at the time of their death and captured the attack launched on them while they played on Gaza’s beach. The images of the four Al-Baker boys forced European governments to end their silence in the face of the mass killings of Palestinian civilians at the hands of the Israeli army, after seven weeks of continuous bombing.

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