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NY Students Told To Wear Hijabs All Day, Mad Dad Gives Them Something Else

Amanda Shea

Eman Muthana (left), Students at the school being dressed in hijabs (right)
When female students arrived at a New York school, their hoodies were replaced with hijabs. They were told that they had to wear the religious garb all day, but his wasn’t a school for Muslim students. They were kids with mostly Christian beliefs, but all that was shoved to the side to make way for Islamic propaganda, and parents didn’t know about it. Now, they’ve surprised the school with something of their own.
Thanks to the urging of one student, Eman Muthana, and an apparently progressive principal at World School of Inquiry in Rochester, administrators caved to the idea of a dawning hijabs all day, as a way to force coexistence on students. The school with grades kindergarten through 11th grade, disregarded all other religions for the acceptance of one all day last month, after Eman penned a sappy plea to the principal, begging for her school to participate in World Hijab Day.
Without a vote on the matter or a second of hesitation, Principal Sheela Webster gleefully obliged the Muslim-loving student’s request. When girls came to campus that day, they were asked to pick one of the 150 headscarves that were provided, then they stood in line as a volunteer wrapped each head in the hijab. The purpose was so that these ignorant Westerners would “experience how women who wear the hijab are treated by others,” Eman said, WHEC reports.
Not only was this religion being promoted over all others in a place where people have insisted on the separation of church and state when it comes to anything Christian, but parents were very vaguely made aware of it, in a last-minute robocall that most people didn’t answer. The feeble tactic of informing adults, when much more effective measures are available to make sure the message makes it to parents, could not have been coincidental.
When parents found out about it after the fact, outrage rightfully ensued, mostly on social media and phone calls made to administrators. Jim Farnholz was one such irate parent, and he wasn’t going to simply let the Islamic propaganda slinging slide.
“As a high school teacher for over 30 years, let me say that this is wrong on so many levels,” Farnholz wrote on Facebook. “All religions are taught in our global studies classes. That being said, that is where understanding, tolerance and the good and bad of religion and history are taught. This, however, is a clear violation of separation of church and state.”
Webster was forced to respond to all the irate critics and did so with a big fat lie to cover up her ridiculous decision. “Our perspective in it was not religious — it was really about experiential,” the principal said. What’s not religious about religious garb, from a faith that perpetuates hate on Americans?
When asked about the backlash her idea received, Eman spit out her own scathing retort, saying, “They can say whatever they want, I’m proud of who I am and I’m standing for who I am.”
A district spokesperson said that he consulted with an attorney over the matter and learned a disgusting truth about how far our country has devolved, when it comes to Islam. The lawyer informed the school official that there would be more issue for the district had they not allowed this particular religious event, almost eliminating the option for recourse entirely, according to WHAM.
Islam has infiltrated schools across the nation, masquerading as an educational idea by calling it a lesson in “history and multiculturalism.” It’s time to refer to it for what it really is, an indoctrination, and take action against it. The more it’s allowed in schools with nothing done, it becomes an acceptable part of American life, when all it does is seek to destroy our culture.

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